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About 2nd IP Forefront ICT Forum:

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core has attached great importance to the development of informatization and made the strategic decision of building "digital China". As a basic and pioneering industry in the digital era, the information and communication industry is a significant support for promoting the digital transformation of various industries and building "digital China". As one of the leading countries in 5G technology, China has accounted for 36.4 % of the world's 5G SEP applications, ranking first in the world. With the innovative development of emerging technologies, including cloud computing, SDN, artificial intelligence, and IoT, etc, and benefiting from the continuous growth of information consumption scale, the market scale of the ICT industry is expanding constantly. At the same time, the ICT industry is highly dependent on talent and intellectual property. Under this background, the 2nd IP Forefront ICT Forum 2024 will be held in Shanghai on March 11-13 under the theme of "Practice and Exploration of SEP Governance in the ICT Field", with a view to promoting the innovative development of the global ICT industry, boosting the development of intellectual property rights in the ICT industry, building an active and efficient platform for ICT enterprises at home and abroad to learn and communicate.
2nd IP Forefront ICT Forum will help you learn about:

• Practice of Patent Application, Operation and SEP Governance in China

• Cross-licensing Situation and Cross-licensing Strategies

• Response to Review Comments of SEP, and Key Points Needing Attention in the Process

• Legal Protection of Exclusive Rights in Layout Designs of Integrated Circuit

• Global Semiconductor Patent Litigation Situation Observation and Inspiration

• Patent Layout and Risk Prevention and Control Strategies of Semiconductor Enterprises

• How Can Semiconductor Enterprises Establish An Effective Legal Risk Prevention and Control System

• Policy Orientation and Interpretation of the Guidelines on the Antitrust of the SEP Field

• SEP Litigation Situation and Development Trend in China

• Calculation of Licensing Rates: Strengths and Weaknesses of the Comparable Agreement Approach and the Top-down Approach

• New Situation of SEP Licensing, Challenges and Solutions

• Observations of the Latest European SEP Policies and SEP Trial Situation Analysis

• Trans-border Data Regulatory Governance and Countermeasures for Compliance of Communication Enterprises

• TheDevelopment Trend of SEP in the Automobile Industry and the Countermeasures

Benefits of Attending:

• Unique opportunity to raise your profile and showcase your expertise of your organization in ICT IP area

• Enhancing and establish your partnerships with In-house counsel and industry peers globally to protect your patents and market exclusivity

• Catch up the global ICT IP landscape and trends to build your strategies to adapt it

• Exploring the opportunities of China’s ICT market and its impact on global medical device ecosystem

• Branding your IP services by in-depth conversation,speaking and exhibition booth in front of global ICT IP professionals throughout this two days ICT IP focused summit

• Getting Insights from leading in-house IP counsel, patent prosecutors and litigators, government officials and policy experts from around the world on latest and hottest medical device related IP issues facing IP professions today

• Arranging meetings with participants during the conference (Pre-Conference workshops, Tea break, Cocktail parties and Lunches )by using GIIPS online networking system

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IFIF 2024
Practice and Exploration of SEP Governance in the ICT Field

March 11 Afternoon
Pre Conference A

Trade Secrets, Open Source Software and Enterprise Data Compliance

March 11 Afternoon
Pre Conference A

ICT Patent Pool Construction, Patent Operation, Licensing Practice

March 12 Morning

Practice of Patent Application, Operation and SEP Governance in China

March 12 Afternoon

Semiconductor IP and Legal Compliance

March 13 Morning

SEP Litigation and Antitrust

March 13 Afternoon

SEP Extra-territorial Observation, Automobile SEP Disputes, and Trans-border Data Compliance

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